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Lunar Spring by Rory Alan MacLean

Lunar Spring Digital Illustration

Inspirational Sketch


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Soul slips vitrified from the mould
Emerges in assumed porcelain grace.

A petrified will duplicated and adequately encased

Clean sight without pesky blink

Receptive apertures gaze into futures
Sequenced and contrived

Fabric body, denuded of character, innocently hangs
Re-born as the other’s vindictive reverie

Lucidity retreats to every rehearsed conviction
Gatekeeper ideologues listen
They who dutifully construct
Each bespoke costume as individuated choice.

Should the soul look up, by accident or intent,
Between choreographed suspension
Glinting eyes would meet one above the painted neck
Proud to show how gentle play can fall from
Musty puppet strings.

Reigns dip toward the shallow
As prudence dances in dire survival
Acquiescence preserves the weak
In the commune of spineless theater.

The Fool and the Ecstasy of Extinction by Claudia Avila

The Fool and the Ecstasy of Extinction by Claudia Avila 39.5"x 23.5" Oil on linen.